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North, M.S. (in press)

Age in social psychology: Evolution of a universal, yet overlooked subfield.

In D. Gilbert, S.T. Fiske, E. Finkel, & W.B. Mendes (Eds.), Handbook of Social Psychology, 6th ed. Situational Press.

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North, M.S., & Fiske, S.T. (2015)

Modern attitudes toward older adults in the aging world: A cross-cultural meta-analysis

Psychological Bulletin, 141(5), 993-1021

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North, M.S., & Fiske, S.T. (2012)

An inconvenienced youth? Ageism and its potential intergenerational roots

Psychological Bulletin, 138(5), 982-997

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North, M.S., & Fiske, S.T. (2013)

Act your (old) age: Prescriptive, ageist biases over Succession, Consumption, and Identity

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 39(6), 720-734

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North, M.S., & Fiske, S.T. (2013)

A prescriptive, intergenerational-tension ageism scale: Succession, Identity, and Consumption (SIC)

Psychological Assessment, 25(3), 706-713

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North, M.S., & Fiske, S.T. (2013)

Subtyping ageism: Policy issues in Succession and Consumption

Social Issues and Policy Review, 7(1), 36-57

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North, M.S., & Fiske, S.T. (2017)

Succession, consumption, and identity: Prescriptive ageism domains

In T.D. Nelson (Ed.), Ageism: Stereotyping and Prejudice against Older Persons (2nd ed.) (pp. 77-103). New York: Oxford.

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Chen, X., North, M.S., & Zhang X. (in press)

Pension tension: Retirement annuity predicts ageism across countries and cultures.

Innovation in Aging, 7(7), igad080

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North, M.S. (2015)

Ageism stakes its claim in the social sciences

Generations, 39(3), 29-33.

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North, M.S. (2019)

Intergenerational resource tensions

In D. Gu & M.E. Dupre (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Gerontology and Population Aging. New York: Springer.

Ageism & Generational Tension⬇

AGE, AGEISM, AND Generational tension

Understanding "Older" Workers ⬇

ACCOMMODATING "older" workerS


Tomova, T., North, M.S., Berson, Y., & Oreg, S. (in press)

The age of leadership: Meta-analytic findings on the relationship between managers' age and perceived leadership style and the moderating role of culture.

Personnel Psychology


Pfrombeck, J., Galinsky, A.D., Nagy, N., North, M.S., Brockner, J., & Grote, G. (2023)

A self-affirmation intervention increases reemployment success for the unemployed

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 120(37), e2301532120

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North, M.S. (2019)

A GATE to understanding “older” workers: Generation, Age, Tenure, Experience

Academy of Management Annals, 13(2), 414-443

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North, M.S. (2022)

Chinese versus United States Workplace Ageism as GATE-ism: Generation, Age, Tenure, Experience

Frontiers in Psychology, 17, 817160

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Oh, G., Jeong, I., Wang, M., North, M.S., & Choi, Y. (in press)

Too old to be creative? An age bias in creativity judgment.

Work, Aging, & Retirement

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Gioaba, I., & North, M.S. (2022)

Multifaceted, Nuanced Personnel Decisions Necessitate Multifaceted, Nuanced Age Research Approaches

Work, Aging, & Retirement, 8(4), 355-357

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Nagy, N., Fasbender, U., & North, M.S. (2019)

Youthfuls, Matures, and Veterans: Subtyping subjective age in late-career employees

Work, Aging, & Retirement, 5(4), 307-322

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North, M.S., & Shakeri, A. (2019)

Workplace subjective age multidimensionality: Generation, Age, Tenure, Experience (GATE).

Work, Aging, & Retirement, 5(4), 281-286

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North, M.S., & Fiske, S.T. (2016)

Resource scarcity and prescriptive attitudes generate subtle, intergenerational older-worker exclusion

Journal of Social Issues, 72(1), 119-141

Age-Gender Intersectionality ⬇



Chatman, J., Sharps, D., Mishra, S., Kray, L., & North, M.S. (2022)

Agentic but not warm: Age-gender intersections and the consequences of stereotype incongruity perceptions for middle-aged professional women.

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 173, 104190.

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Martin, A.E, & North, M.S. (2022)

Equality for (almost) all: Egalitarian advocacy predicts lower endorsement of sexism and racism, but not ageism

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 123(2), 373-399.

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Martin, A.E., North, M.S., & Phillips, K.W. (2019)

Intersectional escape: Older women elude prescriptive stereotypes more than older men

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 45(3), 342-359

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Francioli, S.P., & North, M.S. (2021)

The older worker: Gender and age discrimination in the workplace

In K.W. Schaie and S.L. Willis (Eds.), Handbook of the Psychology of Aging (9th Ed.). London: Elsevier.

Young-focused Age Perception ⬇


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Francioli S., & North, M.S. (2021)

Youngism: The content, causes, and consequences of prejudice toward younger adults

Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 150(12), 2591-2612.

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Zhang, T., & North, M.S. (2020)

What goes down when advice goes up: Younger advisors underestimate their impact.

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 46(10), 1444-1460


Generations in the Workplace ⬇

North, M.S. (in press)

A symbiotic PORTAL to engaging early, mid, and late-career workers: Progression, Off-loading, Relevance, Teachings, Advice, Legacy

Academy of Management Review

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Francioli, S.P., Danbold, F., & North, M.S. (2023)

Millennials versus Boomers: An asymmetric pattern of realistic and symbolic threats drives intergenerational tensions in the United States

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

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North, M.S., & Fiske, S.T. (2015)

Intergenerational resource tensions in the workplace and beyond: Individual, Interpersonal, Institutional, International

Research in Organizational Behavior, 35, 159-179


Tippins, N.T., Anderman, E.M., Baugh, J., Beier, M.E., Born, D.H., Childers, C., Donnellan, B., Estrada, A.X., Hoffman, B., Kalleberg, A.L., Kanfer, R., Lytell, M., North, M.S., Spetz, J., & Wang, M. (2020)

Are Generational Categories Meaningful Distinctions for Workforce Management?

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, & Medicine. Washington, DC: National Academies Press.

Face Perception ⬇
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North, M.S., Todorov, A., & Osherson, D.N. (2010)

Inferring the preferences of others from spontaneous, low-emotional facial expressions

Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 46(6), 1109-1113

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 1.31.55 PM.png

Masip, D., North, M.S., Todorov, A., & Osherson, D.N. (2014)

Automated prediction of preferences using facial expressions

PlosONE, 9(2), e87434

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 10.49.42

North, M.S., Todorov, A., & Osherson, D.N. (2012)

Accuracy of inferring self- and other-preferences from spontaneous facial expressions

Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, 36(4), 227-233


General Social Cognition/Perception ⬇
Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 1.31.15 PM.png

Fiske, S.T., & North, M.S. (2014)

Measures of stereotyping and prejudice: Barometers of bias

In G. Boyle & D. Saklofske (Eds.), Measures of Personality & Social Psychological Constructs (pp. 684-718). Elsevier/Academic Press

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North, M.S. & Fiske, S.T. (2013)

Driven to exclude: How core social motives explain social exclusion

In C.N. DeWall (Ed.), Handbook of Social Exclusion (pp. 31-42). New York: Oxford University Press

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North, M.S., & Fiske, S.T. (2012)

A history of social cognition

In A.W. Kruglanski & W. Stroebe (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of the History of Social Psychology (pp. 81-99). New York: Psychology Press

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North, M.S., & Fiske, S.T. (2014)

Social categories create and reflect inequality: Psychological and sociological insights.

In J. Cheng, J. Tracy, & C. Anderson (Eds.), The Psychology of Social Status (pp. 243-265). New York: Springer

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Melamed, D. & North, M.S. (2010)* [*equal author contribution]

The future in inequality

Social Psychology Quarterly, 73(4), 346-347

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Niiya, Y., Ballantyne, R., North, M.S., & Crocker, J. (2008)

Gender, contingencies of self-worth, and achievement goals as predictors of academic cheating in a controlled, laboratory setting

Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 30(1), 76-83


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