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Age is universal: with sufficient lifespan, all living people join each age category. Age-related concerns are global: Countries worldwide currently grapple with changing age demographics. Similarly, this map reflects the countries from which our research team hail and/or work. We are proud of our global representation and strive for our work to have that same level of impact.

Based at NYU Stern, but with a worldwide collaborator network, the AGE Initiative conducts research on the cutting-edge topics of the increasingly older and intergenerational workplace and workforce. Broad study themes include age, ageism, and generational issues, and related organizational, HR, legal, public policy, and societal implications. 

Our research focus emphasizes two key trends that affect industrialized economies around the globe: the aging workforce and the multi-generational workforce. Nevertheless, very little scholarship elucidates the implications of these trends for the modern workplace. Filling in the gaps, we seek to be at the forefront of research on these topics. Our ultimate aim is to help maximize the productivity of businesses and societies within an aging, intergenerational world, and to encourage scholars to acknowledge age as a consequential factor in its own right.

Michael North

Principal Investigator

Founding Director

The AGE Initiative

Irina Gioaba

Postdoctoral Research Scholar / Visiting Assistant Professor

Primary AGE Research Projects

How Generation, Age, Tenure, and Experience (GATE) shape labor market outcomes

Stephane Francioli

Ph.D Student

Primary AGE Research Projects

Attitudes toward younger adults and how they shape generational inequities

Thea Tomova

Ph.D Student

Primary AGE Research Projects

How leader age shapes perceptions of leadership style and effectiveness

Angela Shakeri

Ph.D Student

Primary AGE Research Projects

Age and negotiations; age and entrepreneurship

Erick Martinez

Research Assistant

Deepti Shankar

Research Assistant

Shari Wang

Research Assistant

Frank Wang

Research Assistant

CURRENT nyu lab members


Noemi Nagy

Prior Affiliation: University of Bern (Switzerland)

Current Affiliation: Assistant Professor,

Career and Technical/Workforce Education,

University of South Florida

Allison Flamion

Prior Affiliation: University of Liege (Belgium)

Current Affiliation: Smith Street Maternelle (Brooklyn)

Peter Gahan 3_edited_edited.jpg
Peter Gahan

Prior and Current Affiliation:

Professor of Management 

University of Melbourne (Australia)



Yair Berson

DeGroote Leadership Centre

McMaster University (Canada)

Felix Danbold

Organisations and Innovation

UC London (UK)

Seval Gundemir

Work and Organizational Psychology

University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Jon Jachimowicz

Organizational Behavior

Harvard Business School

Gavin Kilduff

Management & Organizations

NYU Stern School of Business

Ashley Martin

Organizational Behavior

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Shaul Oreg

Organizational Behavior

Hebrew University of Jerusalem School of Business Administration

Daron Sharps


Pinterest Labs

Ting Zhang

Organizational Behavior

Harvard Business School

Anne Burmeister

Organisation and Personnel Management

Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands)

Ulrike Fasbender

Work and Organizational Psychology

Justus-Liebig-University Giessen (Germany)

Hal Hershfield


UCLA Anderson School of Business

In Seong Lewis Jeong

Lingnan University

Hong Kong

Laura Kray

Management of Organizations

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Kieran O'Connor


UVA McIntire School of Commerce

Julian Pfrombeck


Columbia Business School

Chris To

Management and Organizations

Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management

Xin Zhang

Developmental and Educational Psychology

Peking University Beijing

Jennifer Chatman

Management of Organizations

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Gudela Grote

Management, Technology, and Economics

ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

Astrid Homan

Work and Organizational Psychology

University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Sabine Katzdobler

Organizational Behavior

Bundeswehr University Munich (Germany)

Anyi Ma


Tulane Freeman School of Business

Grace Oh


Hong Kong University School of Business and Management

Sonja Sackmann

Organizational Behavior

Bundeswehr University Munich

Mo Wang


University of Florida Warrington College of Business

FORMER undergrad & predoctoral RESEARCH ASSISTANTS

Victoria Barbalat
Sydney Cheng
Grace Fang
Samyak Jain
Jane Kyerematen
Lucy Lian
Paisley Millhausen
Rihani Shah
Lauren Smith
Lisa Testa
Alex Zoeckler
Emily Brown
Allison Dai
Aleena Francisco
Richa Jatia
Ivan Lacroix
Steven Lim
Megan Montero
Avijit Singh
Zac Stern
Ron Yakar
Kathleen Zhang
Ellen Chen
Lavinia Ding
Sanjana Gupta
Alice Jiang
Kitty Liang
Jodie Miller
Karan Shah
Jenna Smith
Eileene Suh
Judy Zhou


We are always looking for study participants of all ages, regardless of current employment status! We offer both in-person studies and online surveys.

In-person studies take place at our NYU offices: NYU Stern's Tisch Hall, 40 West 4th Street in Manhattan. Participants will be asked to complete various work-related tasks and surveys. In-person studies take between 30-60 minutes and pay in cash immediately upon completion.
Online studies can be completed anywhere and anytime. Participants will receive an email with a link to a survey. Most online surveys will only take a few minutes, but vary in their length and compensation.
Virtually all participants find the studies stimulating and, at times, even fun. If interested, please fill out the form linked below, and we will follow up with you if you are eligible. The information you provide will be used solely for the purpose of contacting you for research studies. It will not be sold to anyone, or used for any other purpose other than scheduling your participation in AGE@NYU research studies.
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have paused all in-person research activities. However, those who are interested in in-person studies can still indicate so on the participant eligibility survey. We will reach out to you once it is safe to resume in-person studies.

*Click here to fill out our participant eligibility survey*



We are always happy to talk with those interested in helping run research studies! We especially value conscientious, detail-oriented individuals whose broad goals or experiences reflect our research mission.

How to apply to join us depends on your current affiliation:

Current NYU Stern Undergraduates may apply through our posting on the Stern Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) at the beginning of each semester. In rare cases, students may propose a thesis project under the supervision of Prof. North through the Stern Honors Program. Click the links above for more information.

Current NYU non-Stern Undergraduates, NYU Stern MBA Students, and Non-NYU Affiliates can apply to join our lab by filling out this form.

We look forward to working with you soon!